Build Our Vermont Economy.
Freedom from failed Liberal Policies.


Business Leadership

35 yr. career in real estate finance – has overseen the┬árelocation of over 300,000 jobs

Socially Conscious

Political Science / English from UVM (BA)
Masters in American History from Columbia (MA)
Masters in Theology from Yale (MDiv)


Stop Inflation

End Skyrocketing Fuel and Gas Prices

$2-8 Billion Federal Microchip Investment

Free Broadband for All at No Additional Cost

Bring Tesla to Vermont

Lower Prescription Drug Prices

Recover Lost Earmarks

Educate Vermonters / UVM Violation & PILOT

Vermonters Ski and Snowboard for Free

I thank God for a good contest in the Vermont tradition. I am deeply honored to receive the support that I did from Vermonters.