Lack of proper crime data reporting undermining law enforcement in Vermont

Like many people, I am very concerned about rising crime in Vermont. I have been speaking to some of the most senior law enforcement officers across our state, who have answered my questions as they would answer the questions of any citizen.

UVM should make land rent payment until it educates Vermonters once again

We need our flagship university, the University of Vermont (“UVM”), to educate Vermonters and prepare them for higher paying jobs.

Governor Mike Huckabee And Huck PAC Endorse Myers Mermel For U.S. Senate In Vermont

Former Governor Mike Huckabee and Huck PAC today announce their endorsement of Myers Mermel for U.S. Senate in Vermont. In offering his endorsement, Governor Huckabee cited Mermel’s commitment to fighting high taxes, inflation, high gasoline prices, and high food prices.

Myers Mermel Lays Out Clear Plan To Combat Inflation And Build Vermont’s Economy In U.S. Senate Republican Primary Debate

Appearing today at the VPR-Vermont PBS Republican Primary Debate, Myers Mermel solidified his ideas-driven campaign by laying out a plan to combat inflation and build the Vermont economy.

Myers Mermel Announces His Candidacy for U.S. Senate in Vermont

Today, Myers Mermel announced his candidacy for U.S. Senate in Vermont. In his announcement video, Mermel said his goal is to build the Vermont economy and liberate Vermont. Mermel’s vision for Vermont includes: utilizing investment and earmarks from the federal government to jumpstart the economy and make changes in the state economy to prepare it to accept higher paying companies.